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Regal Rose Club is a luxury artisan soapery that specializes in premium herb infused vegan skincare solutions.

Regal Rose Club was founded by R. Rodgers, RN in 2018. Here at Regal Rose Club, we have a genuine and sincere passion for making REAL skincare products for REAL people.  

In today’s society, there is an increasing awareness and desire to use healthy products for your personal hygiene; However, common store bought brands often boast misleading labels that rave about being “Natural” or “Organic”. The truth is, when you actually check the ingredients list, it’s riddled with a ton of unpronounceable words, artificial dyes, and chemical fragrances.

We, here at Regal Rose Club, only use the best organic ingredients in each of our products. As a result, our specialized premium herb infused vegan skincare solutions are designed to restore genuine cleansing and moisture back to your skin, so that you can finally achieve/maintain the radiant glowing skin of your desires.

Regardless of your current location, you too can achieve and maintain the radiant glowing skin of your desires by investing in our herb-infused soaps, body butters, and other skincare solutions. If you need assistance in deciding which of our skin care solutions is best for you, please thoroughly read each description of our luxury vegan skincare items.

Wishing You Healthy Glowing Skin,

Regal Rose Club

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